Sunday, February 14, 2010

Community Service, gotta love it! :)

Here I am again! I see my blog doesn't have much traffic. But it's more for me to get stuff out than anything, so who cares. I got 2 tickets in the last month for no insurance on my car. I know you are gasping! No Insurance! what the heck is wrong with me! Well, um lets see. I have no job, and I don't want my 18 year old walking home at midnight in south Irving. Which , both times was the reason. I know people who drive without insurance piss me off too. But with times so hard, I had to choose between priorities such as Rent, Electric, and food. Which would you choose? We could have lived without electric, which we had thought of, but I'm glad we didn't since this snow storm. Anyways , getting to the point, and surpassing my guilt of driving uninsured, I got 25 hours community service for first ticket. It was so easy I could have taken a nap and got it. Not a prob. Now we come to the second ticket. This is where they get mad and "stick it too you" so to speak. They wanted $650 smackaroos or 41 hours of community service. You know what I chose. This is so kool! They gave me the option to work at my favorite thrift store, YAY! I love it. It's the Disabled Americans Vets Thrift store. A percentage of all proceeds go to the D.A.V.'s . I worked there Saturday and go back on Monday. OMG they let me fill out an application, and they are watching me. Can you believe I might get a job out of this!? It only pays minimum wage $7.25, but a job! I have been looking for so long. And to work somewhere I love would be awesome. Lord help me, and help my back hold up! It's already killen me. I'm not sure if it's my degenerative disk disease or if it's because I just haven't worked in a long time. Hope it's the latter, and I'll get used to it. Anyways, Just had to get that off my chest. My aspirations are so low right now, I can't help but achieve them! Oh and let me add a WARNING about driving without insurance. Number 1, the first one is a slap on the wrist in Irving. But number 2 they sock it too ya! And I can't blame'm. I really think it's kool that they are lenient on the first offense. But I think they are little excessive or obsessive on the second. Although I know that the city of Dallas will take your car, which probably make life miserable. Anyways , first there's the $650 or 41 hours. Then you get a letter in the mail, to maintain insurance and an SR22 for Two years. Then you get another letter in the mail call a "Surcharge" letter. This kinda Irked me , and I think it's really unfair, but what can I do. The Surcharge letter states that you must send them $260 dollars a year for 3 years, and it really doesn't say why. Just that it's a surcharge. Though I can pay it out, $35 bucks a month. This is a little ridiculous. So lets look at this from my point of view. I have no job, can't pay car insurance, just drove those nights to insure my sons safety. Now i'm paying for 3 years. I have no money so charge me more money? That makes no since. OK lets look at the other side. My other son was run over at the crosswalk a few years back. He sustained no injuries, thank God. But he did have ambulance and hospital bills and a nasty scar on his hand. The guy was uninsured and fled the scene. I was so mad! So you see, I see the importance. There just so little money! Besides , that guy fled the scene! I would never hit a kid at a crosswalk and flee the scene, uninsured or not. That is a lack of character, not a lack of money. Ok I need to shut up this is entirely too long. Have a great day! And I hope you all achieve your aspirations, no matter how small they are. And happy Valentines day, oh and it's my wedding anniversary as well. LOL :)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone, OMG 2010 it's freaky. I remember waiting for 1999, cuz the Prince song, "gonna party like it's 1999". Wow! I hope and pray that this year will be better, and we will all be healthier, wealthier, and wiser. God Bless America!!!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas is over

I can't believe I'm at a point where relief rushes all over me when Christmas is over. And if one more person calles it "Xmas" I'm gonna have to hurt them. Since when did Christ change his name to "X", perhaps I could stand for Cmas , that would be ok with me. In this age of trying to make everything short, I would understand. I never made a penny on my Red Kettle for Salvation Army, I feel bad about it, but atleast I tried to help. I have gotten some really nice feedback from my aidpage blog, where I have helped a few people with links and information. That made me feel great. My kids had a descent Christmas, and didn't act like selfish little monsters, but like the awesome adults they will one day be. I am going to try harder at everything I do, this is my newyears resolution. I give 90 percent to my children, I'm shoot for 110 in the future, and that goes for everything. I'm tired all the time which I know somehow inside that it's a health problem, that I can't deal with because I don't have health insurance. So for now i will have to deal with it. Pray for me!! I need a job, and not just any job, a sit down, 40hour per week, with benefits job. Sit down , because of my back. Back no good LOL Im fallin apart. Anyways I have babbled enough. Have a happy New Year!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Are we gonna make it? Can I keep the faith?

Hi there, I'm trying to keep the faith! Maybe I just need to get it out. I don't know. But here we are. I've been blessed by God. Me and my family have everything we need and then some. Im still unemployed yet "slighty" hopeful. My husband started a fulltime job 2 weeks ago, and we have been so excited. The thought of paying the rent on time, was a good feeling, and paying all of the electric bill, not just half and then begging for an extention. It was gonna be awesome. Then we got the phone call. They have no work for my husband this week. WHAT!!!?? ummm thought ya said this was a full time job? OMG! Can they do that?!! WTH! OK, Im done freaking out, and I have spent most of time "talking my husband down" . Be patient I say, it will pick up next week. We are used to this after all. It would have been wierd to pay all the bills, LOL. So we should be fine. Just hoping and praying its not the same thing next week. The worst of all, is, thats he's here with me damnit! hehe not really, but I thought that would be funny. Anyways , I feel better now, at least I got that off my chest. God Bless, I pray everyone can pay their bills this month. And BTW don't tell me to sell my laptop, cuz thats blasphemy, and my wireless is borrowed from a generous neighbor. I have no cable TV, my phone is $13 a month, and we are on foodstamps. Everything I could have pawned, is already owned by the pawnshop. My car is fixen to break down, its held together with clamps, screws, and sticky red glue stuff. But ya know what, we are really fine. Haha guess I wasnt done yet, but now I am. LOL

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Earn money while helping others!

At aidpage, you can go pour your heart out about your problems. Or you can help others that need to pour their heart out. Or you can find financial help, or give financial help. You can also make a little cash with their AID Program , where they will add your google adsense to your blog. If you stay active you can make a little extra cash. I have, and I enjoy finding help for people too. Check it out. here's my aidpage blog

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Help Children who's parents can't afford Christmas

We can all help America's children get a Christmas gift this year! See my little red kettle to the left? If you can't afford to donate, click on it anyways, to get your own and host a virtual Red Kettle for the Salvation Army Christmas fund on your blog or website! I have a chosen goal of raising $150 dollars for the Salvation Army and you can too! So if you think you can't help , you can!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Please sign the petition!

This moron is making it impossible to get out of the hole we are in. And has veto'd every bill that Obama comes up with to try and improve anything! If you are a registered voter in Texas, please sign here! >>>>PETITION<<<<

God help TEXAS!!!

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